August 14, 2012

White Tongue

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A lot of people are curious about having white tongue. If you think that’s normal, and you may have gotten it through genes like the color of your eyes, then you’re wrong.

The normal color of our tongue should be red or pink, and if there’s a white coating on it, then it may be caused by several factors.

Bacteria Build Up. This is basically due to having poor oral hygiene: forgetting to brush, not using mouthwash and failing to flossing daily. The best way to do this is to obviously develop good oral hygiene, and if you want to quicken the cure, buy a good tongue cleaner. Some brushes may have a tongue cleaner at the back of the bristles. Brands such as Colgate and Oral B has this.

Dehydration can also be the cause of white tongue.  When dehydrated, our mouth gets dry due to the less production of saliva. If this is the cause of having a white tongue, simply hydrate yourself by drinking lots of water. Ideally we should be drinking around 8-10 glasses per day.

Oral Thrush. A large quantity of a certain bacteria called “candida” may be a cause of this. This is basically a fungal infection due to a low immune system. When you’re sick, this might cause your tongue to be white, which is why the doctor would usually ask one to stick out the tongue.

When all else fails, always try to look for a dentist  as there may be other underlying factors that may be causing this condition.