August 10, 2012

Dental Fears Wear Off with Age

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Age seems to wear off some of our fears and this goes to Dental Phobia as well. Dental Phobia is the fear of anything related to the dental field or fear of receiving dental care.

A lot of kids have this kind of fear which figures why you can’t find them when it’s time for their dental check up. According to World Dental, around 15% of teens to young adults have experienced extreme dental anxiety when they have check ups with the dentist as compared to older adults.

Given that they have regular check ups with the dentist, it is expected that older adults more or less have already experienced going to the dentist many times already. It’s a case wherein the more you experience something, the more you get used to it. This goes with dental check ups as well.

However for some, phobia may still be there, which is an isolated case. Perhaps a traumatic incident during check up such as extreme pain during a dental procedure may have been the sole reason for this but you can’t exactly tell without a psychological exam.

So how to lessen the fear? It may boil down to the dentist. It may bring you comfort if the dentist is recommended by a family member or close friend. Ask if the doctor is friendly and seek out reviews from their personal experience.

There are a lot of dentists out there who reassures that dental procedures are as painless as possible.


January 27, 2012

Dental Phobia

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When I was little, I’ve always wondered why a lot of people have dental anxieties. I am always fortunate enough to end up with a friendly dentist, and I see no reason as to why I should even be afraid of having my teeth pulled out and such. I just thought that it was just really necessary for me to go through it instead of keeping the pain in my mouth. It’s too troublesome for me not to eat my favorite food. That’s merely my logic. Other people don’t think or feel the way I do.

Some wouldn’t mind having some tartar build up in their teeth, just as long as they don’t have to visit the dentist. It’s a dental phobia anyway. When you feel uneasy or panicky when you visit the dentist and the mere thought of it scares you, then that’s probably dental phobia. I’m not a psychologist yet, but if you really need to see the dentist and would want to lessen that fear of having a dental check up, try to talk to a family or friend about it and ask them to accompany you for a check up. Your dentist should also know about your situation so he/she can be aware of your fear and can help you go through with it. If you believe it’s already a severe case of phobia, then it might be best to seek a counselor.

Then again, in my perspective, I’ll just look for a friendly dentist.