April 25, 2012

California Fluoride Lawsuit Dismissed

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According to experts, fluoride is said to be one of the best means of fighting bacteria in your mouth. This is commonly found in your regular toothpaste and mouthwash.

Last August 2011, a lawsuit was filed against Metropolitan Water District (MWD) of Southern California for adding hydrofluosilicic acid to their consumer’s water. The compound was said to not have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for treating dental problems.

Recently it was reported that the U.S. District Court Judge Janis Sammartino has granted the dismissal of the case.

“We are pleased to see once again that the court has reaffirmed the ability of water suppliers and agencies to protect the oral health of residents in their communities,” said Dr. Dan Davidson, California Dental Association president. “This is a significant step toward ensuring that customers of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California will continue to receive the benefits of community water fluoridation.”

Source: ADA

fluoridated water

Although I am quite aware that fluoridated water can be beneficial to oral health, I still believe that Water Suppliers should NOT fluoridate the water they are serving to the public. Everyone’s body systems vary on how they work, and not everyone’s oral health condition require fluoride.

I also wonder how they can maintain the PH level of water in its neutral state considering that fluoride is acidic and the basic PH level of water should be at least 7 and above. Probably there are standards for that.

What’s your opinion?


April 24, 2012

New Study says People with Straight Teeth are Perceived to Give a Good Impression

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I have recently read Blink by Malcolm Gladwell and it talks about the importance of snap judgments, which are mainly based on instincts. Physical appearances contribute to these snap judgments and according to Kelton study in San Jose, California, people with straight teeth give the impression that they are successful, popular, intelligent, and generally healthy.

The Kelton study apparently has found out that teeth are standout features for Americans when they meet someone for the first time.

“There have even been studies that indicate lasting impressions are made within the first three seconds of seeing someone,” said Dr. Callahan. “Many adults are concerned about how their smile might affect their chances for employment or advancement in a competitive job market. Many people are also reentering the dating scene after a divorce and are looking for a more attractive, youthful appearance.”

A unique digital perception study, developed by Kelton Research contrasted images of men and women with straight and crooked teeth. The survey was taken by 1,047 nationally representative Americans. In the study, respondents were shown images of people with varying tooth issues and asked to give their honest opinion about them, unaware that they were comparing people with straight teeth to crooked teeth. Results of the study indicated Americans perceive people with straight teeth to have more desirable qualities than those with crooked teeth, including attributes such as being happy, surrounded by loved ones, and professionally successful.

Source: Kelton Global

Although straightening your teeth appear to lean more on cosmetic reasons, but somehow having straight teeth is healthy. If your teeth are aligned, then you’ll have less chances on having food stuck to your teeth, which may later on cause tooth decay when bacteria builds up.

If you wish to straighten your teeth, there are several options such as braces, or the more preferable option, invisalign.

April 10, 2012

All About the Tooth Fairy

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The Tooth Fairy has always been a favorite fantasy figure other than Santa Claus. It says that when a milk tooth falls out, it is placed under a pillow at night. While sleeping, the Tooth Fairy takes the tooth and leaves a penny or a dollar in return.

the tooth fairy


Centuries ago in Europe, it was a tradition that the first set of teeth of children are asked to be hidden and buried. There was a superstition back then that if a witch gets a hold of your tooth, you will be cursed. In Northern Europe, it was said that there was a certain tooth fee given when a child loses his first tooth.

Later on it was a tradition that the children, instead of burying the tooth in the ground, they place the tooth under their pillows. The parents will secretly take the tooth and slip a coin or a little treat. Some parents would also sprinkle some glitters that will give the child a clue that the tooth fairy came that night to take their tooth.

When children ask why the tooth fairy takes the tooth, here are the usual answers:

  • The Tooth Fairy makes fairy dust out of the tooth.
  • The tooth is taken to the night sky and with the Tooth Fairy’s magic, it becomes a star.
  • The Tooth Fairy takes the tooth so that another child can also have his first set of teeth.
  • The Tooth Fairy makes wind chimes out of the baby teeth and you can hear them ring every time a child laughs.
  • The tooth is used to build the Tooth Fairy’s castle.

Quite silly but cute in a way that it gives comfort to the kids so they don’t have to worry about losing their baby teeth. How about you? What did your Mom and Dad say about the Tooth Fairy?

April 2, 2012

Beating Bad Breath

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I once had a classmate whom I’d like to call the fire-breathing dragon. Not that he breathes fire and all, but he has the worst-smelling breath I’ve ever come across with. We’re not really that close but seriously, I want to wear a gas mask every time he’s talking with us.

Thing about it is that sometimes people can’t exactly find out for themselves if they have bad breath… until it’s too late. I’ve posted a little tip from one of my previous posts on how to find out if you have bad breath.

How to find out if you have bad breath:

How to Find out if You Have Bad Breath - Spoon

  1. Take out a spoon, preferably a stainless steel spoon.
  2. Put the spoon inside your mouth and lightly scrape your tongue with it a bit.
  3. Take it out and let the spoon dry.
  4. After a minute or so, try to sniff the spoon. If it has a foul smell, then you have bad breath.


Bad breath is actually a symptom of a gum disease. Just to be sure, remember to continue on with good dental hygiene and have the dentist check on your condition before it leads to a more stinky outcome.