March 30, 2012

Dentist Collects Celebrity Teeth

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This is old news but I thought it might catch your attention. I read that last November a dentist from Alberta wins an auction in the U.K. bidding $30,000 for John Lennon’s tooth.

Michael Zuk apparently has an unusual hobby of collecting animal teeth and celebrity memorabilia and John Lennon’s rotten molar might just be a cool catch for the dentist.

John Lennon Tooth Molar

As to where the tooth came from, it was reported that John Lennon has given his molar to his house keeper during the 1960’s. The housekeeper’s daughter kept the tooth all this time and put it up for auction.

Zuk plans to loan the tooth out to those who would like to showcase the tooth.

And if you think that’s not enough, just recently he bought Elvis Presley’s Crown last month. He bought the crown for $10,000. Quite a find actually.

Elvis Presley Crown Auction

Somebody surely has their expensive addictions.

Source: CTV


March 29, 2012

Tooth Extraction Aftercare

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This morning, my workmate was asking me if it’s advisable to eat ice cream after a recent tooth extraction. The answer is YES.

Dentists would advise those who have undergone tooth extraction to have a soft diet such as ice cream, mashed potatoes and yogurt. Plus, the coldness of the ice cream will avoid the dislodging of the blood clot.

It is also advisable to do the following Tooth Extraction Aftercare Must Do’s:

  • Applying an ice pack can give you relief after tooth extraction.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol during the next 24 hours.
  • Avoid smoking during the next 24hours.
  • Try not to touch the area where the tooth was pulled out as this might cause infections.
  • Hot drinks are also not advisable for this.
  • Ask your dentist what painkillers and other medicines you should take after tooth extraction.

March 28, 2012

Getting White Fillings

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When the grooves of our teeth, particularly on our molars, start to weaken, dental composites or fillings are usually applied. Silver filling was the only option before, but due to the toxic properties contained in silver fillings (namely mercury), there has been another alternative for this.

silver and white fillings

White Filling has been a more favorable option both by patients and dentists simply due to the following reasons:

  • White Fillings are basically free from mercury which can be toxic to our body.
  • Silver fillings last longer but have a possibility on weakening the tooth unlike white fillings.
  • By appearance, White Fillings are far better as they blend in with the natural color of the tooth.

Procedure for White Fillings

These are usually the basic procedures upon the application of White Fillings (or any filling for that matter):

  1. The area of the tooth is numbed using an anesthesia.
  2. The dentist prepares your mouth for the main procedure with a rubber dam or bite back. Although the usage of these materials vary depending on the procedure.
  3. The dentist removes the decay on the tooth.
  4. The decayed part of the tooth is replaced with white fillings.



March 27, 2012

New Method to Fight Tooth Decay

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A researcher at the Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden says that rubbing a special toothpaste on your teeth after lunch helps to fight tooth decay due to the high amount of fluoride on the toothpaste.

It is always advised that regular brushing helps prevent the build up bacteria in the mouth. Normally one should be brushing the teeth twice a day, once in the morning and after dinner but ideally it should be every after meals. The extra protection that we need for our teeth is lost as the day progresses and a certain amount of bacteria would have been accumulated over lunch time.

Anna Nordström, PhD, a dentist and researcher at Sahlgrenska Academy, explains

“Rubbing the front of your teeth with toothpaste can be an easy way of giving your teeth a third “shot” of fluoride during the day, after lunch for example. But this should not replace brushing with a fluoride toothpaste morning and evening — it’s an extra.”

There is a certain type of toothpaste that provides a much higher amount of fluoride which can be used for massaging your teeth. However, the usage of this will always depend on your dental condition so always be sure to consult your dentist.

March 26, 2012

Dental Commercials Over Time

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I came across some old dental commercials while I was browsing Youtube. I’ve gathered up all Dental Commercials of Colgate. Yeah well I just find the old ones funny and somehow entertaining. Check them out!

50’s Colgate Commercial

“Colgate Dental Cream instantly STOPS Unpleasing Breath”

 “New Colgate Dental Cream with GARDOL”


60’s Colgate Commercial

70’s Colgate Commercial

You can see a leap on the development of commercials through this one.

80’s Colgate Commercial

The 80s was the decade of the Karate Kid. This commercial features the late Pat Morita (better known as Mr. Miyagi from Karate Kid) promoting Colgate.

More Colgate Commercials from the 80’s

 90’s Colgate Commercial

March 23, 2012

Tooth Extraction

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Tooth Extraction is necessary if a tooth is severely damaged and cannot be fixed by dental crowns, fillings and other treatments. It is also a need for those who have impacted teeth.

There are two types of extractions that you should be aware of:

  • Simple Extraction
  • Surgical Extraction

Simple Extraction is simply done by injecting anesthesia to numb the gums. The dentist will first clamp the damaged tooth using a forcep. The tooth will be gradually loosened from the gums and will eventually be pulled out.

Surgical Extraction on the other hand, this is usually done for broken and impacted teeth where the remains are still inside the gums. The dentist will have to cut the gums and pull out the remaining part of the tooth.


March 22, 2012

Treats for Sweet Teeth

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Chocolates, licorice and gummy bears: these are a few of my favorite sweets that I love to munch during a movie night. Though I’m really fond of them, I only consume small amounts to satisfy my craving. They’re not really good treats for my teeth I have decided to changed my diet and turn some of my snacks into something more healthy. I listed some healthy options and cautions for my diet without depriving myself from tasty treats.

  • Replaced my potato chips with a banana or any fruit. If I’m really craving for chips, I just consume a small pack, not the bag.
  • I drink fresh fruit juice/milk instead of carbonated drinks. Carbonated drinks almost always have a big amount of sugar as compared to fresh juice and milk.
  • Instead of the usual bread, I’m having whole wheat bread instead. Whole wheat bread contains healthy phytochemicals which are said to be responsible for fighting diseases.
  • Trying to limit my consumption of sticky food. 
  • I avoid eating sweets at night. 
Other than the fact that this diet can boost up my health, it can also prevent bacteria from building in my mouth due to sweets. While I was brushing the other day, there was a bit of blood on my tooth brush and I checked the mirror and my gum was bleeding. I will have to schedule a check up for that. I changed my brush from soft to extra soft and limited my sweets.

In case you experience the same thing, no need to panic, but it is advisable to see a dentist like what I’m about to do. Depending on your oral health condition, you may have to follow a certain dental program, especially if you are experiencing a certain gum disease.

March 21, 2012

Dental Emergency Must Do’s

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Accidents can happen unexpectedly and it’s always a must for you to be ready in case of emergencies. Now if in any case you have an emergency that’s dental-related, it is important to find out quick actions to temporarily relieve you from pain. Depending on the condition, here are some of the things you can do:

Bitten Lip or Tongue. Clean and apply a cold compress if you bit your lip or tongue. Seek emergency treatment if the bleeding does not stop.

Broken Tooth. Rinse your mouth with warm water if you break a tooth. Apply old compress and call your dentist.

Broken Jaw. Apply cold compress if you think you broke a jaw.

Knocked Tooth. If your tooth is dislodged, rinse it with water and place it in a cup of milk until you reach the dentist.

Toothache. Rinse your mouth with warm water. Use a dental floss to take anything out between your teeth.

After applying temporary relief, go to the dentist immediately.

March 20, 2012

NCI Launches Phone Programs for Teens

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It was mentioned during one of my previous blogs that smoking is at the top ranks of causing cancer of the mouth and other malignant diseases. Since teenagers may have an early exposure to this, the National Cancer Institute has launched a Smokefree Teen Program through mobile tools that help teens to stop smoking.

“With 75 percent of youths between the ages of 12 and 17 owning a cellphone, there is immense potential for mobile technologies to affect health awareness and behavior change among teens,” said Erik Augustson, Ph.D., a behavioral scientist in the NCI’s Tobacco Control Research Branch.

A free mobile service called SmokeFreeTXT provides certain tips and advice that encourages teens on the benefits of a smoke-free life.

To register:

1. Text the word QUIT to IQUIT (47848)

2. Answer a few questions and then you’ll start receiving regular messages from SmokefreeTXT.


  • WANT – Text WANT whenever you feel like you need to smoke.
  • BOOST – Text BOOST Encourage yourself to prevent smoking.
  • UHOH – Text UHOH If you failed to keep yourself from smoking.
  • STOP – Text STOP if you want to stop receiving messages.

Source: ADA, Sft

March 8, 2012

Wind & Brass Musicians on Dental Health

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When dental crowns, bridges and veneers are applied to your mouth, you are most likely to have more protection from tooth decay. Though they are not as good as your permanent teeth, it is necessary to find out how to maintain them. But really, it’s simple. Just maintain good oral hygiene and visit your dentist regularly. This is a must most especially to musicians who are playing wind and brass instruments.

musicians - oboe

An important part of a musician’s life is something called embouchure, which is defined as “the term wind musicians use when they refer to the way their mouths rest against the instrument they play. More precisely, embouchure embodies the use of the lips, tongue, mouth, and facial muscles applied to a mouthpiece to produce good tone, range, and endurance while playing a brass or wind instrument.” Eric K. Curtis, DDS, MAGD, lead author of the article, says that embouchure requirements are different for each instrument. “Even the most minimal dental treatment can affect embouchure,” he says.

Source: Know Your Teeth

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