February 29, 2012

Dental Emergencies

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Accidents can happen unexpectedly and it’s always a must for you to be ready in case of emergencies. However, there is no other way to treat yourself immediately other than going to the dentist. There may be several websites out there that may give some quick solutions on how to deal with dental emergencies, but bottom line there is that you’re still bound to see a dentist.

dental emergency


How to Find Out if it’s a Dental Emergency

  • If you feel any extreme pain in, out or around the mouth, then it’s a dental emergency.
  • If your tooth is chipped and tooth.
  • When you have lost a tooth support such as dental crowns.

Why See a Dentist Immediately?

No one else can figure out the real condition and treatment other than the dentist. When a dental accident occurs, there is always a possibility that your gums may be infected or other structures are already damaged.


February 27, 2012

Call Off the Smokes

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Smoking has always been a vice that is difficult to let go. I don’t need to express the effects of bad smoking. To cut the long story short, it kills, but many are too stubborn to realize this.

To add among the many list of hazards smoking brings, a recent research says that smoking also kills the good bacteria in our mouth. 

According to Purnima Kumar, Assistant Professor of Periodontology at Ohio State University, “The smoker’s mouth kicks out the good bacteria, and the pathogens are called in,” said Kumar. “So they’re allowed to proliferate much more quickly than they would in a non-smoking environment.”

Source: Science Daily

Apparently this will make smokers more prone to gum diseases. Of course, that’s not the worst thing that can happen. Smoking is the leading cause of cancer of the mouth, lungs kidney, cervix, larynx, stomach, pancreas and leukemia. Here’s a picture to show why cigarette is a hazard to your health.


Smoking is also the main cause of teeth discoloration and other gum diseases. If in any case, you may want to visit a dentist.

February 24, 2012

Recent Dental Discovery Contributes to Anthropology

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UK Researcher Dr. Patrick Mahoney has recently discovered that milk teeth develop differently from permanent teeth.

Mahoney expected the microscopic tooth enamel growth to be somehow related to the sequence in which teeth erupt through the gums. However, through his reconstruction, he was surprised to find that the development actually changed along the tooth row. He found that the early erupting front incisors grew rapidly and mainly before birth; the later erupting molar teeth at the back of the mouth formed more slowly, and mainly after birth.

source: Dental Tribune International


dental discovery

It was also mentioned that there is little discovery about these developments about the development of milk teeth.

I’m no scientist, but by logic, how can milk teeth and permanent teeth have the same developments?

Studying Human Development, Milk Teeth have started to develop before birth. Permanent teeth of course, develops once milk teeth have already fallen out. The environment exposure in itself is already a big difference between the two. However, there is no concrete evidence to prove this reason until now. Dr. Mahoney has provided a milestone to more dental developments contributing more information needed for comparative analyses on primates and our ancestors.


February 23, 2012

Denture Tales

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One time when I was in High School, I had a classmate who had been covering her mouth the whole time for one week, even during gym class. When some of the girls finally persuaded her to show us her mouth, we finally had the chance to see what was wrong and our reaction was exactly like this:

surprised look

Her front row teeth were pulled out and she was waiting for her partial dentures the whole time. I was thinking that the poor girl only has one set of permanent teeth her whole life, and she didn’t even had the chance to keep it for decades.


dad partial dentures

My Dad also lost a lot of his permanent teeth during his late 20’s. Turns out he’s been eating a lot of sweets ever since he was a kid. A bag of M&Ms are all gone with just one sitting. When he reached his 30’s, he already had full dentures.


In case you may not know, full and partial dentures are one of the options for you to replace missing teeth. They’re not as great as permanent teeth, but they can function like it.

Full Dentures are for those who have already lost most of their teeth.

Partial Dentures are applicable if there are only a few teeth are missing.

full and partial dentures rocklin

How do people lose their teeth to begin with?

  • Through accidents and tooth decay. The only way to prevent to this is to just be careful and follow good proper oral hygiene, which is not something new.


Then again, how come other than the common cold, tooth decay is said to be the second health problem in the world.


February 21, 2012

Dental on Mobile: Health Applications

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I was reading through some news and updates in the American Dental Association and found this really interesting article about students creating health applications.

Here is the full article fro ada.org:

Transform health data into mobile apps, online tools or games or other innovative products to solve vexing health problems.

The Institute of Medicine and National Academy of Engineering challenge undergraduate and graduate students pursuing degrees toward careers in health, engineering and computer science to register multidisciplinary teams by Feb. 10 “to use health data to develop effective, innovative apps that take on the nation’s pressing health issues.”

“With an abundance of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) data and other health data available as part of the public-private Health Data Initiative (HDI), students have an unprecedented opportunity to create interactive apps and other tools that engage and empower people in ways that lead to better health,” the announcement said. “Working in interdisciplinary teams that meld technological skills with health knowledge, the IOM and NAE believe that college students can generate exciting and powerful new products—the next ‘viral’ apps—to improve health for communities and individuals.”

Winning teams and technologies will be honored at the June 5-6 Health Data Initiative Forum in the nation’s capital.


This is kinda cool for the health conscious and I believe every dentist in Rocklin or every city in each state should promote these kinds of application. I’m surprised that a high percentage of the population is obese, or so I always hear on the news from time to time. This should be a cool application. I’m not sure if there are applications where I can compute for my BMI or Body Mass Index. Perhaps mobile applications where it can scan how much bacteria is building up in my mouth. Yeah well I’m hoping that it’s possible. Maybe a few decades from now.


February 20, 2012

Dental Sealants for My Molars

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I might have to ask about my dentist if I need a bit of protection for my teeth. It has always been a problem that whenever I eat, food gets stuck somewhere at the back of my teeth. Not even brushing and flossing helps because the food is stuck in the pits of my molars. Just to see my initial options for this need, I tried searching for several dental services in Rocklin. I found out that dental sealants might be one of my options.

Dental Sealants give the extra protection by filling in the grooves of the teeth, particularly for pre-molars and molars. I’m making this as my possible options since getting food stuck in my teeth frequently may cause me more damage in the long run. More food stuck in my teeth, more prone to cavities.

Here’s an illustration to give you an idea on how dental sealants are applied:

agape dental sealant

Again, this is just an option. I always try to research first so I can be more aware of the options the dentist will recommend later on. I will most likely be examined first before any treatments and other dental implants are given.

February 16, 2012

Laser Treatments for the Win!

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I’m quite conscious about my oral health as I had really bad teeth when I was still in pre-school. If one tries to look at our class picture, you’d see me smiling without any front teeth. The truth is, I still had all of my baby teeth back then. They’re just not that white for milk teeth and I had early cavities. Before it could get any worse, my baby teeth started to fall out and I had to take care of my teeth more since then. I didn’t want to experience invasive treatments. Prevention is better than cure as they say.

However, as technology progresses over time, modern dentistry also improves so there are several non-invasive options for treatment in any case. One of the most preferred options would be Dental Laser Treatments.

laser dentistry

Dental Laser Treatments are used as both a diagnostic and treatment tool. The lasers are powered with high-energy beams that can detect damaged tissues on the gums and other structures of your teeth. Here are several reasons why dental patients choose this treatment option:

  • More accurate compared to traditional dental treatments.
  • Wounds heal faster.
  • The whole procedure is a lot faster.
  • Most importantly, the patients experience less pain.

Lasers are usually used for dental cosmetics and gum treatments. Not all oral health diseases can be treated by lasers. The best way to find out if you need this is to consult a dentist to examine the current conditions of your oral health. Based from there, the best treatment option can be determined.

February 15, 2012

Theodent: A Toothpaste for Choco Lovers

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theodent toothpaste

Recently, I found a chocolate-based toothpaste called Theodent. Their team of researchers has discovered a non-toxic alternative to fluoride found in cocoa beans. Cocoa beans are widely known as the main ingredient for chocolates. The extract found in cocoa beans called Rennou™, along with other minerals were found to strengthen tooth enamel. That means this will make your teeth stronger and more resistant to tooth decay.

Here’s a quick video about Theodent:

If you’re craving for some sweets in your mouth without getting a toothache, treat them with a chocolate-based toothpaste.

Then again, everyone’s oral health condition varies so there’s not much of a guarantee if this type of toothpaste will maintain or enhance your oral health. If you really want to keep your teeth healthy, you’ll most likely need to consult a dentist who can offer the personalized and complete dental care suitable for you.



February 13, 2012

Kids Early Oral Hygiene: A Quick Guide for Mom & Dad

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The American Dental Association is celebrating National Children’s Dental Health Month and several dental clinics are spreading oral health awareness by sharing the importance of early oral hygiene to both adults and kids.

What most people are not aware of is that proper dental care begins even prior to the growth of a baby’s first tooth. Since it’s National Children’s Dental Month, I’ve gathered some quick guidelines from various dental sites on early oral hygiene:

Kids Early Oral Hygiene: A Quick Guide for Mom & Dad


  • When a baby does not have his first set of teeth yet, you may wipe his/her gums with a clean soft cloth.
  • A child should start having a regular dental check up by the age of 2.
  • Avoid using baby bottles as pacifiers for your baby when he/she is asleep. Baby bottles, along with the sugary substances coming from milk, may cause the baby to have early tooth decay. When the baby is already around 2-years-old, start teaching him/her to drink from his/her cup instead.
  • During their early years, teach children to make brushing and flossing a regular habit.
  • Most children might not be able to brush their teeth well on their own until they are 8-years-old so proper guidance is needed.
  • Your child’s gums may bleed due to the friction from hard bristles. A soft toothbrush is usually recommended to avoid this.
  • Have your kids eat a well-balanced meal containing less sugar and starch. Sugar and starch, when stuck to your teeth, may contribute to creating acids that destroys your teeth.

Source: American Dental Association, Colgate


If you’re anywhere near Rocklin CA and you’re looking for a good dentist who can give you some guide on how to take care of your kids’ teeth, you may visit Agape Dental.

February 8, 2012

Super Bowl, Sports and… Dental Care?

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super bowl

If there’s one thing that I am not capable of doing, it’s sports, and it follows that I’m not much of a Super Bowl fan. I was forced to anticipate the kickoff over the weekend with my brother. I had no choice. He had the remote control.

Anyway, while watching, I saw the players put on their mouth guards. It made me think if sports is such a ravaging activity that can make you lose your teeth.

If involved in such rigorous sports, it is always necessary to be aware of the necessary precautions and means of protection.

A scratch or a bruise can be tolerable, but having your teeth fall out is another story. You lose your permanent teeth and they’re gone forever. From here, I could understand why athletes would have to wear mouth guards. It may not completely protect their teeth most the time, but it greatly lessens the impact in any case.

Nevertheless there can be replacements for permanent teeth. One of the most common replacements would be full and partial dentures. Full dentures are recommended when you have lost most of your permanent teeth while partial dentures may be applied if only a few are missing. (source: AgapeDental)

Of course, I personally wouldn’t want to take it to that point. Thank goodness I wasn’t rewarded with a high aptitude for sports.